Marija Mishyna is a certified insolvency administrator since 2007.

During 13-year compatence Marija Mishyna has successfully administrated over 100 insolvency cases, both of natural and legal persons.

As well as Marija Mishyna has provided legal help to persons willing to apply for a bankruptcy and to get a fresh start.

The process of a natural person is accessible and convenient. It consists of two stages: a bankruptcy procedure  and of a process of debt liability extinguishing.

Only a natural person can apply for a bankruptcy herself.

Insolvency process of a legal person is realized when for a legal person – a debtor, is impossible to fulfill its due financial obligations.

A creditor also can file an insolvency petition in the court of a debtor, if a debtor cannot fulfill its obligations, which are due and which exceed a sum in the amount of 4268 euro.

* This information is for guidance only and does not constitute a legal advice.